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    • Celebrating Senseit Tech's official listing in the National Equities Exchange and Quotation

      Senseit was officially listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations Co. Ltd. Official Securities name: Senseit Technology, Stock code: 870535...

      Date 2021-03-15 Times 593

    • Caring the needed - Senseit Charity Event

      Senseit Tech has great care about our Community. The company donated over 300 books and other goods for the community during the establishment of the newly opened Wuxi WND community donation station to help tho...

      Date 2021-03-15 Times 627

    • Celebrating the New Home for Senseit

      Congratulations to Senseit Technoledge! The entire company celebrated this exciting moment as the company moved into their new home on April 15th, 2019....

      Date 2021-03-15 Times 617

    • Ingenuity, Craftsmanship Found Pride

      2019 December 11th, the top industrial design award in china the "Red Star Design Award was held in Beijing. After three rounds of intense selection among 6000 registered products, Senseit's self-serve book ret...

      Date 2021-03-15 Times 595

    • 100 Self-check kiosks are accepted by HK public libraries!

      We have sold 100 self service library kiosks to Hongkong public libraries. Our products are highly praised and accepted....

      Date 2016-03-22 Times 2212

    • General Manager donated two self- check kiosks to his Alma mater

      Our general manager Shandy Sha donated two self- check library kiosks worth USD50000 to his alma mater Jilin University. After his graduation for decades, he still concerns about the development of his alma mat...

      Date 2016-03-21 Times 2253

    • 2016 Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) Celebration

      2016 Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) Celebration 2016.02.04 Company Spring Festival Celebration was successfully held in a wonderful hotel. All board members, employees, and guests enjoyed our various shows i...

      Date 2016-02-04 Times 2349

    • A Trip to Shangdong Province with an unforgettable memory

      In order to build up team spirit, company arranges us to travel in different holiday resorts every single year. This time we went holidaying in coastal cities Qingdao and Rizhao. We roamed along the wonderful b...

      Date 2015-09-17 Times 2132

    • Sport games bring us closer

      Sport games render us strong and cohesive. A sport tournament was held in July. Many colleges participated in games of badminton ,table tennis and billiards. We love sweating down in a friendly competition, bec...

      Date 2015-07-14 Times 2181

    • Company board conference fared well

      4th Company board conference took placed in June. President Mr Sha(Shandy), Vice general manager Mr. Wang supervisor, and shareholders hammered out more company regulations. They discussed the proposed work rep...

      Date 2015-06-10 Times 2180

    • Team spirit buildup

      An noted trainer From SSMC Investment Group was invited to present us a lecture regarding how to efficiently create team spirit. Inspired by this lecture, we learned the significance of it. And this enlighten...

      Date 2015-03-30 Times 2134

    • Chinese Lantern Festival celebration

      We celebrated Chinese Lantern Festival in May. We really had a great time in making Chinese sesame mochi and watching various lanterns. We played games and guessed Chinese traditional riddles to win the prizes....

      Date 2015-03-09 Times 1999

    • 2015 Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) Celebration

      Annual conference and Spring Festival Celebration was successfully held in a five-star hotel. All board members, employees, and guests enjoyed our brilliant shows such as singing, dancing, stand-up ,magic trick...

      Date 2015-03-05 Times 2486